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Welcome to the WWIA Podcast! After 16 years of proudly serving our Purple Heart Heroes, we have decided to complement our mission by introducing a brand-new podcast in 2023! The WWIA Podcast is a great way to stay connected, go behind the scenes, and learn more about the Foundation, our Heroes, Hosts, Supporters, Donors, and much more. It also serves as another vehicle to help bring greater awareness of our mission to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to our combat-wounded Heroes, through the power of the great outdoors. You can find the latest episodes here on this page or through your preferred audio or podcast service, such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, by clicking the links below. Be sure to subscribe/follow to get all the latest episodes. Also, please do us a favor and leave us a review on your favorite podcast service when you get a chance. Tell your friends and family about our podcast, and more importantly about our mission. Alright, go listen and enjoy! 💜 🎙️


On this episode of the WWIA Podcast, WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel sits down for a special conversation with WWIA Team member, Corrina Hart. Corrina has been with WWIA for 10 years as their Logistics Coordinator and Hero Engagement Specialist, ensuring the Foundation’s operations run smoothly and provide the best services possible to the Purple Heart recipients they proudly serve. She is the proud daughter of a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran who succumbed to his wounds in June of 2009, and sister of a career Air Force senior NCO (retired). An accomplished sportsman herself, having owned and operated a hunting and fishing guide service for nearly 10 years, Corrina has an intimate understanding of what's entailed in making our events successful. She is honored to have such a critical role in an organization that gives so much back to our wounded veterans. In addition to her work with WWIA, Corrina is a retired volunteer firefighter/EMT currently residing in Idaho. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and spending time with her daughter and grandson.

WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel proudly welcomes Matt Brannon to the WWIA Podcast. Matt’s life has been dedicated to the service of his country and others. Matt is a proud husband and father, a United States Army Purple Heart Veteran, a certified WWIA Guide, Event Host of the Alabama Turkey and Hog Hunt, and a newly elected WWIA Board Member. Matt has served in Law Enforcement for the past 11 years. He is a Special Agent Senior, working for the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation and currently assigned to the Narcotics division, working on the Alabama Drug Enforcement Task Force. He also holds full credentials with Homeland Security/ICE. Matt strongly believes in the healing power of the great outdoors and the mission of WWIA. Matt is truly an exceptional Hero and Patriot, and we hope you enjoy getting to know him as he shares his story.

On this episode of the WWIA Podcast, WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel is on-site at Camp Hackett, WWIA's Northern Healing Center in Wisconsin. John has come to Camp Hackett to do some required "housekeeping" at the property, to ensure it is in optimal condition for the Purple Heart Heroes who visit the Camp for our world-class sporting events, but also for the wildlife who frequent this 410-acre sportsman's paradise.

Another purpose for his visit, and the underlying subject of this podcast episode, is John's attempt to fulfill a lifelong dream of trapping an otter. This episode follows John's over a series of days in the Northwoods as he talks about the challenges of trapping, wolves and other animals in the local area, understanding animal behavior, adjusting to the environment and weather conditions, as well as the pleasure of the pursuit as he brings us along on his adventure to fill an otter tag.

On this episode of the WWIA Podcast, we are proud to bring you the first in a series of on-location interviews from the Northwoods of Wisconsin at WWIA's Northern Healing Center, Camp Hackett. WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel welcomes longtime supporter and friend of the Foundation, Mr. Mike Reed. Mike is a multi-talented man who can do just about anything, truly a jack-of-all trades. He has graciously and humbly been the Camp's go-to-guy go for troubleshooting issues on site or facilitating and spearheading maintenance or improvement projects. Mike's also a successful entrepreneur, an avid outdoorsman, a generous philanthropist, and a true servant-leader. Mike and his wife Joan are true American patriots and tremendous supporters of WWIA and our combat-wounded Purple Heart Heroes. We are honored to introduce you to Mike, to share part of his story, and to recognize the impact and contributions he has made and continues to make through his selfless participation and support.

On this episode of the WWIA Podcast, Host, John McDaniel gives an overview of the history of Camp Hackett, WWIA's Northern Healing Center, located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Camp Hackett is the WWIA’s longest standing operational mission, dating back to 2007. Consisting of 410 acres of private property (owned and operated by the WWIA), Camp Hackett is a sportsmen’s paradise. The property primarily consists of undeveloped wild forestland which is conveniently surrounded by other large parcels of similar private land holdings, with one exception — the entire eastern border of Camp Hackett abuts 570 acres of accessible and usable property which is owned by the State of Wisconsin. This additional large land-locked parcel essentially doubles the opportunities our Heroes can enjoy while pursuing outdoor sporting adventures.

The Purple Heart recipients who attend Camp Hackett are afforded the opportunity to experience this vast and unique wilderness, which is teeming with wild game. This magical place affords our Heroes the chance to pursue some of the most unique game and fish species from across North America. While at Camp Hackett, our Heroes hunt for trophy whitetail deer with bows and arrows; hunt for black bear; pursue wild and elusive ruffed grouse and woodcock; fish for the mighty freshwater musky; and enjoy Canadian goose hunting.

The accommodations at Camp Hackett are fairly spartan, but highly adequate and appropriate. It is, in a strict and traditional sense, a “deer camp”. A well-insulated, externally heated and sturdy bunkhouse complete with a small kitchen, shower and commode serve as the centerpiece for story-telling, veteran bonding and a safe shelter for sleeping. Camp Hackett is “off-the-grid” and powered by a state of the art, eco-friendly solar and battery-powered system that was graciously donated and installed by our friends and partners at Dragonfly Energy/Battle Born Batteries.

The future of this great camp is also very promising. The WWIA enjoys a long-standing series of well-developed and meaningful bonds and relationships with great people and the Northwoods’ communities, especially those that reside in the town of Phillips, WI which is 20 miles southeast of Camp Hackett. Thanks to the generosity and partnership of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, WWIA constructed, with the help of long-time friend and supporter, Mike Reed, a beautiful and functional Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant bathroom and shower facility in the bunkhouse. Eventually, the WWIA will build an ADA compliant lodge on this great property, transforming it into a year-round healing center for our combat-wounded and their families.

This episode of the WWIA Podcast features Mr. Wade Seaburg, Chief Revenue Officer for Dragonfly Energy, a 5-star sponsor and a valued friend and partner of the Foundation. Wade and Host, John McDaniel talk about the tremendous contributions they have made in support of WWIA and our Heroes, how they changed the effectiveness and future of WWIA's Northern Healing Center, Camp Hackett; and how Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries are leading, innovating, and revolutionizing energy storage.

Dragonfly Energy are committed to revolutionizing energy storage to build a greener future. They are developing technologies to improve conventional and solid-state lithium-ion battery manufacturing and storage by reducing costs and expanding accessibility, without sacrificing quality. They believe that affordable and effective energy storage is the renewable energy landscape of the future.

Chief Revenue Officer, Wade Seaburg leads Dragonfly Energy’s sales, business development and revenue growth & diversification efforts. During his time with Dragonfly Energy, Seaburg has helped grow the company’s OEM business and relationships exponentially, including being instrumental in successfully getting the company recognized as a “Five Rivet Supplier” with the iconic brand – Airstream RV. As a valued leader, Wade has built a talented and experienced team around him at Dragonfly Energy as he continues to develop integral business relationships and new opportunities.  

Dan Doll and Dave Studenka are the Hosts of the Southwest Ohio Ducks and Bucks Hunt in Waynesville, Ohio. For the past 11 years, they have been honoring and serving our Heroes through their stellar and longstanding event. They join WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel along with Purple Heart Hero and WWIA Guide, Jake Whipkey for an outstanding talk about the origins of the Southwest Ohio event, the incredible community and team they have amassed, why they feel so passionate about their mission to serve Purple Heart Heroes, and how it has positively impacted the lives of our combat-wounded veterans. This episode is chock full of insightful stories and gives a great look behind the curtain of our operations and into the people who are an integral part of it.

Brian Roderick is the Host of the MO-KAN Ducks, Bucks and Trapping Event, and leads the incredible Mighty Team MO-KAN, which has proudly hosted and honored our combat-wounded Purple Heart Heroes annually for the past 13 years. Brian discusses his work with the organization over the years, including how and why he got involved with the Foundation, the impact it has made in the lives of our Heroes, as well as his own. Brian is joined by Purple Heart Hero and WWIA Guide, Jake Whipkey, who has assisted and guided at the MO-KAN event for over a decade. Jake shares his thoughts and memories of MO-KAN and graciously shares his own story of how he was wounded in combat while in service to our country. There are plenty of great stories and gems of wisdom in this episode, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this powerful conversation.

Founder and CEO of The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA), John McDaniel, proudly introduces the WWIA Podcast. John explains why the WWIA Podcast was created and how it facilitates the Foundation’s mission to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to these American Heroes and how it helps these combat-wounded veterans in their healing and recovery process. He explains that the Foundation does this through a variety of outdoor sporting events and fundraisers throughout the United States, all of which are run by volunteers. He further discusses the importance of connecting these veterans with each other and with caring communities across North America, all while enjoying world-class sporting events in the great outdoors. The WWIA Podcast will go behind the scenes of the Foundation, featuring interviews with Purple Heart recipients, event Hosts, supporters, as well as timely stories and discussions. The chief aim of the podcast is to increase public awareness of the Foundation’s work and mission, to shine a spotlight on our combat-wounded Heroes, thanking them for their service and sacrifice, and to help strengthen the Foundation's value chain by introducing stories of the great work that their team does across America.

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA) is a national 501(c)(3) public charity that devotes all its energy and resources to supporting the men and women wounded in combat who were awarded the Purple Heart medal. WWIA supports these phenomenal Heroes by providing them with the opportunity to participate in world-class outdoor sporting activities at no cost to them. We do this to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.