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Harvest Land’s Delivering Honor Program Gifts $12,500 To WWIA During Surprise Appearance

Holiday event highlights first contribution from Cooperative

Harvest Land Co-op surprised 430 employees and guests in attendance at Saturday’s cooperative Christmas party when they brought one of America’s finest, Mark Broda, to the stage.

Broda, Purple Heart recipient and Wounded Warriors In Action (WWIA) Sr. Associate, was invited to the December 13 event as a surprise guest to speak about the benefit that Delivering Honor will provide to local wounded veterans in Harvest Land’s trade area. Delivering Honor is Harvest Land’s propane program designed to contribute three cents per gallon of propane sold to WWIA, which will in turn host outdoor activities for local wounded veterans.

But the employees weren’t the only ones who received a holiday surprise.

As Broda wrapped up his inspirational remarks, Stan Hicks, Harvest Land’s COO, Shane Young, Propane Region Manager, Johnny Blevins, Delivering Honor Fuel Truck Driver and Santa Claus each joined the stage to present Broda with a check for $12,500, representing one-half of the cooperative’s commitment to the WWIA Foundation through Delivering Honor.

“The donation from Harvest Land is not only incredible in and of itself, but it is an awesome display of community. As a very lean non-profit, community support is our primary means of sustaining our operations and a cash donation like this will allow us to support multiple events,” remarked Broda.

Harvest Land employees (from left) Johnnie Blevins, Shane Young and Kevin Peterson (dressed as Santa Claus) present Mark Broda (second from right) of the Wounded Warriors In Action Foundation a check for $12,500 through the Delivering Honor program.

“Having strong relationships and partnerships in local communities allows us to have successful events and provide our heroes with new, lifelong relationships in their communities. We are so excited and grateful to have this partnership with Harvest Land Co-op,” Broda continued as the employees and guests rose to their feet in honor of him and the cooperative’s commitment to WWIA.

Delivering Honor officially launched on November 7 in Harvest Land’s trade area. Harvest Land has committed to donating three cents per gallon of propane sold, up to $25,000. The farmer-owned cooperative is eager to promote Delivering Honor around the countryside this winter in an effort to promote WWIA’s mission to help heal the wounds doctors cannot fix.

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“We wanted to do something meaningful for our employees and America’s wounded veterans on the night of celebrating the season. It was quite fitting to have Mark, a Purple Heart recipient, address our group regarding the importance of the work we’re doing in our everyday jobs and how that work goes on to benefit those who selflessly serve our country,” says Scott Logue, President and CEO of Harvest Land Co-op.