Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Phillips Area Fishing Report

Most of the fishermen have winterized their boats and put them away for the year but there are still a few die hard fishermen out there on the water.

The fishermen that are still out there are mostly Walleye and Musky fishermen, The walleye are hitting very well, on deeper waters like the Phillips Chain look for them in 20 to 30 foot of water stacked up on the breaks. Other shallow lakes look for them at the bottom of the deepest drops in the lake. Larger Jigs tipped with Walleye Suckers or small Northern Suckers are taking some nice fish.

Musky are following the other fish to deeper water, This time of year I look for schools of bait fish with my electronics. When you find the food source the Musky will be close by. Casting large Jake style lures or Plastics like the Medusa are great for this time of year but the biggest producer by far is live bait. The feeding windows are short right now but when the fish snap you can catch 2 or 3 in a very short time and have a chance at a true trophy.

I really wanted this to be a story about the Wounded Warriors in Action Hero’s that I took out fishing on Sunday but the fish didn’t cooperate. We had one short northern in the boat and had a Musky hit a sucker but we missed it. The VETS I had in the boat were great sports and we had a lot of fun on the water even without getting a Musky in the net. Thank You to all the Veterans for your service so we can enjoy the things we do today.

Pictured is me with a fish that ate a live sucker the last few minutes of daylight Saturday.