Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Ranch hosting hunt for wounded veterans

The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

Coyote Crossing Ranch is seeking donations and sponsors to help them fund a series of hunts for Wounded Warriors in Action.

Wounded Warriors in Action connects Purple Heart recipients with American sportsmen to provide world class sporting events, with Coyote Crossing Ranch in Commerce being given the honor of hosting a series of hunts for the wounded veterans.

Wounded Warriors in Action provides any costs related to getting the veterans to and from the hunt. However, once there, the ranch is responsible for their food and lodging needs, thus they’re seeking support for a series of hunts they’ll be hosting, beginning in December, for the heroes who have sacrificed for the freedom of others.

Right now there are 150 wounded veterans on the list for the hunts, which will take place at the ranch, in addition to a waterfowl hunt in Oklahoma.

Coyote Crossing Ranch is already in the process of acquiring animals for the hunts, which include deer, exotics, birds and wild boar.

The ranch’s goal is to raise $100,000 to purchase the game and cover any other expenses related to the veteran’s stay.

“It’s good for them to get together with others like them that know what they’ve gone through,” said Ray Aprill, game manager for the ranch, who was himself wounded while serving in Iraq. “Everyone out here either has a family member that’s a veteran or are a veteran themselves. It’s personal for me and am looking forward to hanging out with these guys and doing my best to provide an amazing experience for them.”

All donations are tax deductible through the ranch’s non-profit organization, Hope 4 Today, and can be sent to Coyote Crossing Ranch, 3272 Farm Road 2655, Com-merce, 75428.

While they are seeking donations, they’re also seeking a personal touch for both the veterans and those who choose to donate or become a sponsor.

“We’re wanting those who donate or become a sponsor to write a letter to the veteran, thanking them for their service. We, in turn, will send back pictures of the veterans with their harvest, with an included letter of appreciation from us,” said Aprill. “We want to make sure they see where their money went to and how much it was appreciated.”

George Briscoe with Coyote Crossing Ranch will be speaking to the Lions’ Club during their Aug. 18 meeting in an effort to get the word out regarding the hunts and assistance needed.

For more information on the hunt, how to donate or become a sponsor, contact Coyote Crossing Ranch at 903-496-2288.