Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation


Fox 45 Dayton

Almost a year ago, the owners of the Sportsman’s Club in Middletown contacted the Wounded Warriors in Action.

It’s a grassroots organization that gathers Purple Heart recipients from all over the country for hunting trips as a way to heal and bond.

“Re-establishing the connection to our land, bolstering their confidence, telling them thank you in a way that only we can,” said founder John McDaniel.

Saturday, four Purple Heart recipients from Alaska, California, Pennsylvania and Illinois gathered for an experience none of them will forget.

“I’ve always wanted to hunt but never had the opportunity,” said Luvel Parra, injured in combat in 2004. “I’ve just enjoyed learning about hunting and meeting everybody else, it makes me proud to be an American.”

“It wasn’t about who shot the most ducks or clay targets it was about meeting new people and bonding,” added Gabriel Fierros.

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for a group of America’s best and brightest…whose service will stand the test of all our lifetimes.

For more information on how you can help the Wounded Warriors in Action, visit their website at www.wwiaf.org