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Wounded Warriors in Action Hunts

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Shelley Cohen

Lewis County was host to a Rifle Deer Hunt event for the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation-a program for Purple Heart heroes who have a love for the outdoors.

This is the third year that Dennis Reynolds and Shelley Cohen have hosted hunting events that focus on small groups that allow for peer-to-peer interaction for Wounded Warriors with similar experiences. Heroes from Michigan, Missouri, Texas and New Jersey all participated and prior events have had Tennessee residents as well. Two seven point bucks and one bobcat were taken and some new friendships were formed.

Critical to the healing process, whether it is traumatic brain injury, permanent limb disability or post- traumatic stress disorder, these events bolster self-confidence while strengthening a bond with nature and others.

Volunteer guides included Jayme Layhew, Mack Kelley, and James Cato and our game warden, Clint Newton stopped by to enjoy meet the group and enjoy breakfast with them. Veterans represented Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars who were able to spend time healing long-term emotional and physical wounds.

“Many thanks to the NRA Foundation for their generous awarded grants to offset the costs of hunting licenses and travel expenses associated with all of our events for the 2015 year,” Dennis and Shelley said.

Anyone interested in donating or volunteering can contact Dennis or Shelley at 615-969-1078. You can donate directly through www.gofundme/TNWWIAF, and more details are available at www.wwiaf.org. Should you know of a Purple Heart veteran that would like to participate, they can apply on the WWIA website.

Below are a few quotes from participants: 

“I have had a great mistrust in people for a long time, but being here and seeing how I was treated, has given me faith in people again.”

“This has been one of the, if not the best hunting trip I have been on.”

“Truly memories that will last a lifetime.”

“Nature has a way of healing itself and I believe it heals me when I am fortunate enough to enjoy it.”

“It was great being around some true patriots.”