Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Wounded Warriors in Action Provides Healing for Injured Veterans



Last updated: Thursday, December 20th, 2007 03:03:31 PM

John McDaniel, retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, recently founded a non-profit organization called Wounded Warriors in Action (WWIA). This non-profit organization’s mission is to provide world-class outdoor sporting opportunities to our nation’s wounded veterans and aid their healing process, welcome them home, and repay a debt of gratitude for the great sacrifices they have made.

McDaniel recently purchased and donated 410 acres of land near Phillips, entitled Camp Hacket, located in the town of Emery. Camp Hacket will serve as the epicenter for the organization and a base where veterans will have the chance to bow hunt trophy whitetails. McDaniel is also a professional fishing guide in Florida where he will provide veterans the opportunity to pursue saltwater species in Tampa Bay, the Florida Keys, and eventually the Bahamas.

McDaniel hopes the outdoor experience will help heal and aid returning soldiers in several ways. The first is to assist them in re-integrating themselves back into society. Through the experience of high-quality, professional grade outdoor sporting activities, McDaniel intends to re-enforce the communal aspect of hunting, fishing and life to teach and promote conservation and preservation of natural resources.

As the WWIA continues to grow, McDaniel envisions father and son hunts, spouse retreats, land conservation seminars, 3D archery shoots, fresh water fishing opportunities and quality deer management workshops all converged in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Ultimately, McDaniel foresees opening four regional WWIA centers which will be run by select wounded veterans. The organization would employ them to manage the facilities and ensure their growth.

The groundwork for Camp Hacket has begun, more progress will continue in the spring with the construction of a hunting camp style lodge. McDaniel hopes to have it completed in late summer 2008.

The WWIA is hosting a 3D archery shoot in the Phillips area in August. McDaniel said he hopes to attract over 100 competitive archers for the event.

McDaniel spent 23 years in active military service. He is a combat veteran who spent time as a soldier with the Army Rangers and Special Operations command. McDaniel is a native of Wisconsin and graduated from the UW Madison. He spends time in Florida and Wisconsin developing and promoting WWIA.

McDaniel said, €œMany returning soldiers have suffered not only physical wounds, but also emotional trauma. The soldiers and their families truly need and deserve such a place. Camp Hacket will not only provide them with the chance to pursue an outdoor interest but also a chance to talk with fellow veterans who may have experienced many of the same difficulties. It€™s a place for them to relate, relax and hopefully heal.

For more information, people can go to www.woundedwarriorsinaction.org or they can email McDaniel directly at john@woundedwarriorsinaction.org.